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2022 Brookfield East graduate Charles Bennett used the LAUNCH program during his Junior and Senior years to gain experience and problem-solving skills through real-world business problems.

As a Junior, Bennett was involved in LAUNCH’s Global Business strand. His favorite project was working with a non-profit organization named Global Brigades. For this project, Charles was in charge of a team of three other Juniors and their unique task was to help a Panamanian Small Business owner named Yenia grow her garment business through business consulting. “Since Yenia didn’t speak English we would have a translator that would participate in every Zoom call,” he reflected. “Although this project presented me with more obstacles than any other, I can say that this project increased my problem solving skills more than any class or project I had ever encountered. “

During his Senior year, Charles participated in the Business Strategy strand at LAUNCH to further expand his knowledge and skills. As a result of his involvement in LAUNCH, he was hired as an Accounting Tax Intern for Mohr CPAs - allowing him to impressively build-out his resume while still in high school! This opportunity allowed Bennett to receive good pay and flexible hours while gaining a great business learning experience - working 40-70 hours a week in addition to his coursework at school.

Charles will be attending the University of Wisconsin - Madison where he was directly admitted to the prestigious Wisconsin School of Business. He plans to double major in Finance with a specialty in Banking and Real Estate, and is very interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking.