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Eva participated in the LAUNCH program during her Junior and Senior years. Throughout her time, she worked with different companies to solve real-world business problems.

As part of the Business Analytics strand, Eva participated in three, three-month-long projects with area businesses. She worked with Milliman to research racial disparities in healthcare with a focus on Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, and Milwaukee Tool to research Voice Recognition Technology and its implications for their customers. During the Milwaukee Tool project, her group actually hands-on implemented the technology into a lighting device for a proof-of-concept prototype.
Kumer’s final project for Business Analytics took her to The Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital, where she ran statistical tests on various school districts’ COVID data to determine the impact of mitigation strategies on the spread of the virus.
Outside of LAUNCH, Eva interned with the Elmbrook Education Foundation to create five dashboards to help track metrics useful to their mission, and she created a 20-page impact report to demonstrate the reach of the EEF.

As a Senior, Eva took LAUNCH’s Business & Society strand where she did research projects and presentations on the topics of the gig-economy and stakeholder management. To finish the year, Kumer worked on an independent project with Concurrency to create a Strategic Account Management Plan of Rockwell Automation, including research, company insight, and possible account opportunities for the company.
Outside of LAUNCH, she worked as a tax season intern with Mohr CPAs, an opportunity that was presented to her through her LAUNCH connections. During Summer 2022, Eva will be working as an intern with Concurrency, a job that once again her LAUNCH experiences and connections helped her prepare for and secure.
Beginning Fall 2022, Eva will be attending the University of Michigan to pursue a BBA in the Ross School of Business.